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Cross Border Ventures allows customers to use the vast experience of our employees in order to reduce delivery cost of delivery, accelerate capital turnover, as well as conduct export and import transactions. We help our client navigate through the regulations and help them avoid fines and penalties by establishing a sound compliance program.
Cross Border Ventures emphasizes innovation and combines cross-border trade and investment promotion with leading innovation in deal making solutions. We consists of a team of seasoned business professionals with global experience in a diversity of competencies and skills. Our drive is to be a value-adding partner in the market of trade, internationalization strategy, and location solutions, as well as in the implementation of these solutions.
Cross Border Ventures has a unique team of professional staff who understand the trade policies of the US market and the foreign countries to help with all your import and export needs. Through our partnering program, we offer an extensive network of skilled resources that can address the many phases associated with your customs and supply chain management needs.